learnd complete a successful BMS system upgrade at the Wales Millennium Centre. 

A building used by over one million people a year

The Wales Millennium Centre (Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru) was created as a stage for Wales, to reflect the spirit of a nation, and become a home for the performing arts. Located in the Cardiff Bay area, the building was initially opened in 2004 and has hosted a variety of performances from Opera, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Theatre, Comedy and Musicals.

The building’s design reflects both the natural and industrial landscape of Wales, taking inspiration from the sea-cliffs and steel industry of South Wales and the jagged slate mines found in the north. There’s also a nod to the maritime history of Tiger Bay, reflected by the hull-shaped copper-coloured roof that gave rise to the building being known locally as the armadillo.

After years in the planning, it took just two-and-a-half years to complete and was opened by the Queen in 2004 using an ornate steel key that travelled across five continents on a journey of goodwill before unlocking the front door.

Co-funded by Welsh Government, National Lottery, Millennium Commission and the Arts Council of Wales the building cost £106m to create using material that would withstand the test of time as well as the Welsh weather.

The striking bilingual inscription on the front of the building: In These Stones, Horizons Sing was composed by the former National Poet of Wales, Gwyneth Lewis. The large Celtic lettering not only represents the ancient tradition of stone carving but also the artistic excellence, values and integrity found inside the building, reflected to the world by the glass used within each letter.

The building is used by over one million people a year and is one of the largest tourist attractions in Wales. After 15 years of use we needed to look at what was the best for the future. After a detailed tender process we selected Learnd to provide that solution

Robert Smith, Maintenance & Asset Manager – Wales Millennium Centre

Honeywell Excel to Siemens Desigo CC upgrade

learnd worked closely with the Wales Millennium Centre to ensure that the 7 day a week operation of the complex was not interrupted in any way.

This partnership allowed for complete visibility in the way the upgrade was approached, with all parties understanding where work was being undertaken and where work was planned to occur, thus allowing any operational risk to be mitigated.

The works included the removal of the existing Honeywell Excel controllers and the installation of the latest Siemens PXC range. The refurbishment covered the eight main MCC panels plus over 40 BMS enclosures located throughout the building that served all the heating, ventilation and cooling requirements of the centre.

An enhancement Learnd introduced, was to install the latest Siemens Fine Dust sensors into the main auditorium that monitors and visualises particle pollution which when analysed by the Desigo CC BMS system, producing a healthier indoor climate when compared to a more standard approach of temperature and CO2 monitoring.

Future proofed with a tech-first approach

People’s lifestyles are changing, their ways of working are changing and, therefore, demands on Buildings are changing as well. With that in mind Wales Millennium Centre are continually adapting the way their building works. Only a highly flexible and scalable building automation system can satisfy these continually changing requirements. Desigo CC’s unique open and modular solution covers all these needs and ensures increased productivity, health and happiness.

Take a look around the centre at Siemens’ Youtube channel: