Building Management Systems, also known as BMS, can play a significant role in helping buildings become more sustainable. In this article, we’ll be explaining more about sustainability in the BMS industry and how it can benefit your company.

Every year, buildings contribute to a huge amount of the world’s usage of energy resources and a large portion of that is wasted. Studies at the International Energy Agency have shown that if the results of buildings and construction sector are combined, they are responsible for 30% of all global energy consumption. This was something that has raised concern and businesses across the globe began to source ways to save energy and money. This is why we are here to help.

Building management systems are a sustainable option to use in buildings and are for companies looking to become more environmentally conscious. If you are unsure of the full definition of a BMS, then take a look below:

Building Management Systems, BMS, are technology systems that can be used to monitor and manage equipment in the building. From ventilation to power systems; lighting to security, BMS can be used to reduce wasted energy usage and help a building become more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

BMS have the ability to provide an in-depth analysis of how much energy a building is using, and will detect a pattern of usage. For example, how long lights are being left on for, or how long equipment is in use and then the BMS will identify ways to reduce the wasted energy and take more corrective action.

As well as just the obvious, machinery and technology, a BMS can also be useful for things like controlling a buildings temperature and lighting, through integrating renewable energy sources into the building, like solar panels or wind turbines.

BMS are fantastic if you are looking to achieve a more sustainable future for your company – giving companies up to 20% reduction in their energy consumption. That is why at learnd, we are here to provide a premium and reliable service to help you achieve this goal. We are a forward-thinking company that are helping businesses pave the way to a more environmentally friendly future.

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