New-build BMS projects of all shapes & sizes

Our BMS installation expertise can be applied at any stage of your new build project. We work on projects of every size, scale and building type.

We recently completed the install of a Schneider Struxureware BMS at BAE Systems’ new Defence Logistics Centre in Salmesbury.

New builds of any size

BMS installs for new buildings

If you’re having a new building built, if you’re a main contractor, an M&E contractor or a consultant looking for a systems integrator to install a new BMS, look no further.

If you’ve got a new project that you need help with, chances are, we’re the right guys. We deal with new-build BMS projects of all shapes, sizes and in all kinds of buildings. Our expertise can be applied at all stages of your project – we can help you choose the right technology for your building, help consultants and contractors design the project, and obviously we can install the project too.

Case Study   |  Prime Student Living

BMS for a 19-storey student residential block

learnd delivers a connected Tridium solution for student accommodation in the heart of Portsmouth. Stanhope House is a 256-bedroom, 19-storey…

Your digital security

Safe and secure buildings

We have a wealth of experience working with corporate IT departments to create safer, more secure buildings for you, your staff and your customers.

In recent years there have been several high-profile cyber attacks, the most recent being the WannaCry cyber attack that crippled the NHS. These attacks often take advantage of old, out-dated systems that are more vulnerable to attack.

We can help secure your BMS and offer multiple services to do so.

  • Failover to cloud-hosted systems
  • Failover to redundant systems at other sites
  • Off-site backup and restore
  • Accreditation – learnd certificates mounted on a brick wall

End users

Safe & accredited

Being safe and following best working practices is something we take very seriously. It’s not just because the logos look nice on our website, but because safety and quality are serious issues. We want all of our staff, clients and the people in and around the buildings we’re working in to be assured of the highest standards.

sustainable solutions with learnd

End users

Working with contractors

We work with consultants and contractors on a daily basis, to help plan and deliver BMS projects of all shapes and sizes. From large single site installs to smaller upgrade or refit projects, we’re happy to work with you to develop the right solution for your client. If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, why not get in touch.

internet of things

Leveraging the IOT

The Internet of things isn’t just a buzzword. We can use online connectivity to feed back all sorts of vital data and improve your environment.

Modern building management systems are massive collectors of data. From space temperature to energy, if we’re measuring it with your BMS, we’re logging it. And we know what to do with that data once we have it, from analysing and sharing insights that often lead to a real-time change.

Using our connected BMS installs, we can collate and deliver your data wherever required. Indeed, we’re already monitoring critical temperatures and alarms for businesses like Colt and BT to improve the daily operation of their sites.

Find an office

Nationwide coverage

Sometimes your business needs the local touch! If you’ve got a problem, you want it sorting ASAP – not when there’s an engineer in the area next week sometime. Using our regional offices and nationwide network of engineers, we can provide complete peace of mind, reach and a reassurance that we can deal with your problems or BEMS install no matter where you are in the UK, or even Europe.

What our customers say

I’ve been really impressed by Aimteq’s project management and communication throughout. They have bent over backwards to ensure smooth project delivery. Furthermore, they are very dedicated and have come back to the site to resolve a few very minor snags

Aimteq take responsibility to not only lower the costs of running a retail estate – but they bring a ‘can do’ attitude that is refreshing in the market place. By constantly investing in the R&D of their product suite, they bring innovation and creativity into our estate.

The WEMS technology installed by Aimteq has underpinned the success of our smart energy programme at BT. It gives us remote control over the air handling systems and enables us to optimise energy usage. As a result of the proven success, we have now agreed a contract to expand the programme further.

When Colt started to expand beyond London in the late 1990s we needed some form of building management technology to support our remote sites and deliver alarms to a central server. Today we have scores of sites and Aimteq has been an excellent support partner throughout our evolution. We have almost day-to-day interaction with Aimteq and regular reviews with their team.

Please pass on my thanks to your engineer for the call out. He was persistent and got a resolution and was happy to explain the problem as he went along. Excellent service.

Aimteq installed the WEMS system and I have seen my energy consumption drop by over 40%. If the system gets overridden, Aimteq work with our sites to resolve the problem and turn the system back to auto control. This maintains our environmental conditions and enhances our savings.