Creating a world where all buildings deliver outcomes for everyone


We can help you align your buildings with your business goals & objectives, leaving you to do what you’re best at, whether that’s healing people, selling clothes, or teaching kids.

Unique Open Data Platform

Extensive Field & Remote Expertise

World-Class Partnerships


Installation, optimisation, maintenance and upgrades of control systems from all leading vendors.

Core Advanced

Create a better building by utilising remote services to monitor and optimise your buildings 24/7/365.

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Outcome Assured

A simple monthly fee which guarantees you get what you need from your buildings.

What if you could manage your building or estate as a service?... 

Building Performance as a Service

Our Contract

Our contract with you is based on how your building or estate performs against set criteria.

Building Parameter

For example, "This store must be between 19-21°C".

Business Outcome

"The operating theatre must be available".

The 'How'

This bit is left to us – bringing all required components together, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, changes, other services.


Everything is wrapped into one monthly fee over a long-term contract (3-5+ years).

Transfer of Risk

The risk of our services achieving what you want them to is shifted from you to us.

Building Performance as a service

Your building as you need it to be - for a simple, guaranteed monthly cost.

Let us take the headache of making your building operate as you need - leaving you to focus on your core business.

Very few organisations operate buildings because they want them. They operate them because they are necessary to achieve their core business.
We invented Building Performance as a Service after hearing the challenges our customers face bringing all the components together themselves - and hoping the outcome is successful.

Let us take the risk. Building Performance as Service. Guaranteed.


  • You are guaranteed to get the building performance you need
  • Focus on your core business - leave the rest to us
  • Reduce maintenance expenditure through smarter maintenance regimes
  • Reduce energy spend due to continual monitoring via our ROC, 24/7/365
  • Upgrade your building with little to no upfront cost
  • Achieve cost certainty - you know what you will pay, with no surprises

Our open data platform is ourSecret Sauce.


Bring everything together to make everything better. Guaranteed.

Our Open Data Platform collects & analyses data from existing building systems, generating insights that our engineering teams then turn into outcomes.

Bringing data from everywhere into one system might sound easy, but it’s historically been a huge challenge in buildings.

The experience within our remote and field-engineering teams combined with our core technology partnerships mean we are one of the only organisations who can take data from all building systems – whether legacy or new, proprietary or open.

Our Open Data Platform really is our secret sauce and enables us to find new ways to make your buildings better and drive your organisational vision.

Field expertise is critical to managing large, complex estates.

Engineer inspecting a panel

We employ over 75 highly-skilled field engineers across the country.

You can have the best product on the planet, but if it’s poorly installed, it won’t work.

That’s exactly why we’ve invested in engineering talent so heavily. Across the business, there are now over 75 field staff, with experience installing & maintaining contemporary and legacy BMS systems from Schneider Electric, Trend, Siemens and Tridium.

legacy systems

It’s not just the cool new stuff, we work with the old stuff, too.

Being able to work with your old legacy systems is just as important as the new technology we install.

The vast majority of the building stock within the UK is quite aged. Most buildings have had systems installed, expanded upon and upgraded over their lifecycles. This has left many building and estate owners and operators with a mixture of different systems, of different ages spread across the same building, campus or estate.

Having the ability to work with these legacy systems, as well as installing new contemporary systems is absolutely vital, and is an area where we excel.

Your remote building experts, just a call away 24/7/365.


Sites Connected 


Cases Handled Annually


Calls Each Month


Average Energy Saving


Remote Engineers 


Of Data Points Monitored 

All 5

Major BMS Manufacturers Supported

Remote Expertise

Welcome to the ROC, our remote operations centre.

The ROC is at the centre of our vision for delivering Building Performance as a Service (BPaaS).

All the systems that we connect to as part of a BPaaS contract or Guarantee feed data and alarms back to the ROC for analysing or actioning.

It is this data that allows us to deliver on our promise of Better Buildings. Guaranteed. Our remote and field engineers leverage the data to ensure that we can deliver on the temperatures, availability, or energy savings target that you’ve selected as part of your service.

We do the partnering, so you don’t have to.

Data, AI & Analytics

We leverage tech from our data partners to add intelligence and help provide guarantees.

Emerging Technology

Our emerging tech partners do new, innovative things with or within buildings.

Core Technology

These guys are our BMS technology partners. The basis of everything we do.


We partner with the best technology providers in the world

No one company can be great at everything. That’s why we are proud to be a technology-led integrator. We are able to bring together all the right components to ensure your building performs as needed. Find out more here. Watch the video

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