BMS Upgrades

No need to rip out your current BMS, migrate

We help you unlock the benefits of a new BMS system without any downtime or disruption.

What is BMS?

Upgrade with Learnd

Your smarter BMS partner

You don’t need to rip out your old BMS, just migrate to a contemporary platform and realise all the benefits of a new system.

At learnd, we specialise in the installation and commissioning of BMS systems in all types of buildings.

We use marketing-leading technologies from suppliers such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Trend and Tridium and are highly accredited to ensure your peace of mind.

Redcuce your lifecycle cost

Reduce maintenance bills

At learnd, we can leverage your building technology to deliver up to a 20% reduction on your overall BMS lifecycle costs in the process.

Consider this:

  • 30% of the cost of a BMS is upfront, the remaining 70% comes after commissioning, for monitoring, maintenance and expansion.
  • 20% saving with a BMS in a large non-residential building, manufacturing plant, hospital or university campus, will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Increase comfort

Leverage your BEMS to deliver real business benefits

Modern building energy management systems are incredibly intelligent and well connected. Using these attributes, we can help you not only drive down your energy consumption, but drive improvements in staff and client comfort too.

End users

Don’t be tied down

Thanks to open protocols such as BACnet, users no longer have to buy an entire system from a single manufacturer, but can use I/O from one manufacturer, mixed with a head-end from another. This not only encourages better value-engineering in each project, but also means that a consumer can ‘shop around’ much more freely between systems integrators and manufacturers. More choice can only mean better value for the customer.

End users

Intelligent connected buildings

Modern, intelligent and connected BMS collate all kinds of valuable data, which can be used to reduce your building’s energy consumption, improve comfort levels for staff, or even reduce transmission or usage costs from DUoS or Triad charges. Our bureau team work remotely, make slight adjustments or tweaks to deliver business benefits to staff and building owners alike.

Upgrade with Learnd

Easier & More Efficient

New, modern interfaces and technologies make maintenance tasks much faster and easier to complete.
Long gone are the days of performing a point-to-point maintenance regime. Modern analytics packages can pinpoint problem areas of your BMS system and reduce an engineer’s time on-site.

Furthermore, our controls & analytics bureau can help optimise your maintenance budget by leveraging online connectivity. Put simply, we can remotely fix issues rather than send an engineer to site, saving you engineer call out fees, improving your first time fix rate and reducing down-time.


Upgrade using our Stepwise methodology

Replacing your BMS

We can replace your head-end and run the new systems (temporarily) alongside your legacy system, ensuring no down-time.

Replace your room

Further down the line we will replace your room controllers, offering you improved control and greater flexibility.

Replace your
outstations & sensors

The last phase is to replace any outstations and sensors that are either end-of-life, or broken or incompatible.

Your BMS upgrade
is complete

Once complete, we can remove the legacy BMS head-end and leave your newly migrated system to run your building more efficiently.

Vast savings potential

Serious long-term financial returns

Upgrading your BEMS could deliver serious long-term financial returns over the next 15 years. It’s not just the maintenance side of things either. Upgrading to a contemporary BEMS could reduce your energy consumption and improve comfort levels, boosting productivity. Furthermore, it could augment your buildings up-time, reducing costly punitive charges or loss of trade.


Drop in BMS Maintenance Costs


Reduction in your building’s energy costs


Increase in staff productivity


Up-time rating for your building

What our customers say

Over the 61 sites we’ve seen a 32.92% drop in our consumption, which translates to a considerable saving on our energy spend and correlates well with our sustainability policy. Further to that, the experience dealing with Aimteq was seamless from start to finish.

Another reason we opted for the Aimteq solution was the bureau service, which meant we could delegate the controls to an expert, who could remotely optimise energy consumption across all sites on an ongoing basis.

Matalan has made the commitment to have the WEMS system installed by Aimteq in all our retail outlets. The installed stores have shown a considerable reduction in energy consumption of circa 18% and this is reflected in our energy bill which has decreased dramatically since implementation

Aimteq take responsibility to not only lower the costs of running a retail estate – but they bring a ‘can do’ attitude that is refreshing in the market place. By constantly investing in the R&D of their product suite, they bring innovation and creativity into our estate.