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BMS acronyms

Learn More About BMS Acronyms 

The Building Management Services industry is commonly referred to as BMS. This is an acronym used to help people remember the name better...

BMS and Sustainability

How Do Building Management Systems Help Sustainability?

Building Management Systems, also known as BMS, can play a significant role in helping buildings become more sustainable. In this article...

BMS Engineer

What Is A BMS Engineer? 

You may have heard the term BMS engineer being thrown around in the engineering and construction world, but have you ever wondered: what...

BMS Engineers

What Is a Heating Curve in the BMS Industry? 

If you are new to Building Management Systems, or you would like a refresher course, then look no further. In this article, we’ll be...

Optimised Building Management Systems

What Makes for a Well Optimised Building Management System (BMS)?

A well optimised building management system (BMS) delivers great benefits – it saves  money, is energy efficient and reduces...

sustainable solutions with learnd

Providing Sustainable Solutions: Our Case Studies

At learnd, we’re passionate about creating sustainable solutions for non-residential buildings across a wide range of sectors. We want...

What is BMS?

BMS – what is it and how can it help your building?

BMS or Building Management Systems are becoming even more important than ever before. After the pandemic, when organisations began working...


Mitigating the risks of rising global temperatures

Temperatures of over 40°C in the UK have become ten times more likely as a result of global warming. With the intense and record breaking...


3G Network Shutdown and everything you need to know

In 2021 the UK Government announced an agreement with mobile phone network providers Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three to phase out 3G and 2G...