Critical Alarms

Don’t let your critical assets ruin your business continuity. Respond to your critical alarms up to 10x faster to meet your SLAs and reduce downtime

View, monitor, and acknowledge all of your critical alarms in one place with learnd’s Critical Alarms Platform, and get your critical assets back on track up to 10x faster

Critical Alarms App

Monitor your assets and spaces, meet your operational and contractual requirements

Whether you need to meet your SLAs, minimize downtime, or maintain critical environment conditions, learnd’s new Critical Alarms Platform gives you visibility and reliability to monitor all of your critical assets and react even faster when something goes awry.

How is the learnd Critical Alarms Platform set up?

Features List


Stop receiving false positives when alarms switch between states by introducing time-based suppression.

Compound Rules

Create complex multi-point alarms based on compound rules with AND OR conditions.

Email & App Notifications

Receive your alarms via email, via the app,
or both if needed. Create different alerts for
different groups of people.

Email Grouping

Reduce the amount of email notifications your receive, by grouping all active alarms
into single email notification.


Know when alarms are acknowledged and are being actively investigated without having to login to your BMS system.

Vendor Agnostic

Manage all of your alarms the same way, in a single vendor-agnostic platform available on
the go, and anywhere in the world.

Alarm History

View alarm history to understand activity
patterns, or uncover relationships between

Site Alarm Pause

Pause all alarms on site when you’re completing planned works to avoid false
positives and alarm floods.

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Critical Alarms

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