Control panels

Designed, tested and manufactured in-house

Our control panels work first time, every time. We produce an exceptionally wide range to suit any scanerio. You can rely on a smooth on-time installation and long term operation.

Design & manufacture

We design and manufacture our control panels on every job

Unlike most BMS installation companies, learnd designs and manufactures its own control panels for each and every individual application, giving us complete control over time and budgets. We also offer control panels to other organisations who don’t have the capability in-house.

Our control panels are critical to the correct and safe operation of plant and systems.

If a panel doesn’t work, the BMS doesn’t work or at best isn’t able to operate as designed. Modifications take time, which delays the entire project, and may have long term quality implications.

learnd’s panels are designed, manufactured and tested in-house and work the first time, every time.

Full range of options

Rely on a smooth installation and long term operation

We produce an exceptionally wide range of control panels, from small outstation enclosures to large panels designed to control numerous BMS applications across multiple buildings. We can readily accommodate any request for panel enclosures, such as glass frontage, weatherproofing to a specific rating, choice of material and different colour finishes.

Designed using the latest CAD technology by experienced in-house staff who have a thorough understanding of the BMS being used, panels manufactured by learnd can be relied upon for a smooth, on time installation and long term operation.

All of our panels are manufactured using quality components from world leading manufacturers and are thoroughly tested to the current British Standards and regulations before passed for use.

We compile comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Manuals for the end user and for our own service department to ensure the continued efficient control of the installed system.

What our customers say

Matalan has made the commitment to have the WEMS system installed by Aimteq in all our retail outlets. The installed stores have shown a considerable reduction in energy consumption of circa 18% and this is reflected in our energy bill which has decreased dramatically since implementation

The WEMS technology installed by Aimteq has underpinned the success of our smart energy programme at BT. It gives us remote control over the air handling systems and enables us to optimise energy usage. As a result of the proven success, we have now agreed a contract to expand the programme further.

We are very happy with the project, not just because we are achieving our desired outcomes, but with the service provided by Aimteq.

Over the 61 sites we’ve seen a 32.92% drop in our consumption, which translates to a considerable saving on our energy spend and correlates well with our sustainability policy. Further to that, the experience dealing with Aimteq was seamless from start to finish.