Unified BMS

Connect to your BMS via one secure platform

Unified BMS removes the need for complex and siloed IT solutions, reducing potential security vulnerabilities, and ensuring your building operations run smoothly and safely.

Unified BMS

Connect to your building management systems via one secure platform

Access your Building Management Systems safely and securely from one central location with learnd Unified BMS.

Unified BMS removes the need for complex and siloed IT solutions, reducing potential security vulnerabilities, and ensuring your building operations run smoothly and safely.

Ensuring your buildings run effectively and securely might seem like an obvious concept, but it’s still a huge challenge for businesses with multiple sites and complex systems in place. This is especially true when you consider your critical security needs and a legacy of disparate data storage and connectivity methods.

With Unified BMS you can simplify the management of your estate by connecting all your sites to our secure platform, providing one single point of access for your BMS needs.

Empower your business

Get the building performance you need

Connected Building Management

Connect your BMS and get the visibility you need across all your buildings from one central place, helping you to resolve issues faster, minimize admin and increase engineer productivity.

Secure Multi-Site Connections

Take advantage of a direct, secure connection between your BMS and our Remote Operations Centre (The ROC), backed by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) access and secure data storage.

Proven, Trusted Expertise

We’re experts in critical building systems, managing thousands of sites and monitoring millions of data points for our customers every day, across leading BMS platforms.

Move your BMS investment from CapEx to OpEx with one simple subscription

A Unified BMS subscription allows you to spread the cost of your BMS investment over time and reduce upfront CapEx expenditure, eliminating the need to implement and maintain additional BMS infrastructure and software licenses. Our team of skilled engineers will take care of back-ups and security, applying the latest patches and bug-fixes to keep your systems current and supported, leaving you free to to manage your buildings without the IT headaches.


Software & infrastructure

Consolidate upgrade costs and future-proof building performance.


Solution implementation

Benefit from learnd Digital Delivery to automate tasks, reduce delivery time, and accelerate time-to-value


Productivity gains

Save time & boost productivity by handing head-end infrastructure management over to learnd.

Key features

Secure remote connectivity

Backed by our managed enterprise-grade infrastructure, Unified BMS removes the burden of managing hardware, storage, and software licensing for your BMS headend. Critical data is backed up and replicated, with threats mitigated by our use of secure VPN tunnel technology, helping to maintain the security of internal networks whilst providing simple access to estate-wide BMS.

Your data, your way

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protects teams and resources, allowing you to add and remove users, and ensuring you control who has access to your information. Engage with our skilled team of BMS experts from the safety of our state-of-the-art remote operations centre (The ROC) to provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

Connection flexibility

A choice of connection types provide the flexibility to select from either a secure, encrypted connection within your corporate network using your own IT security standards, or connection at an individual site level using our AES-256 encrypted site connection model. We can even blend both if you need it!

Working with you

We’ll take away the headache of ensuring your building operates as you need

  • Access your critical building data from one central location.
  • Cut down site visits with remote monitoring services from the ROC*.
  • Manage BMS access requests from staff and contractors as your business needs evolve and to protect your critical operations.
  • Additional remote services available from The ROC upon request.

*optional services