New technology

Energy transition in buildings at scale

We are growing the largest platform for connected buildings in Europe, enabling new applications and liberating energy consumption at scale.

Liberating energy capacity

The leading secure building platform

We believe that buildings have a massive role to play in the transition to a low carbon economy. However, we estimate that only one percent of non-residential buildings in Europe are securely connected to the internet today.

learnd combines its own technology with the very best in-field and remote engineering expertise to change that. Our unique approach allows buildings to be properly connected in a secure and cost-effective way – forging the path towards the day when all non-residential buildings are securely connected to the internet.


Revolutionising service

Buildings will only get better if it’s easy to make change happen. Our smartphone app and customer portal provide customers with full visibility of their buildings and the energy management services we’re delivering.

Customers can interact with learnd and their buildings as one. To check how their building is performing, fix a problem, prioritise the outcomes that matter most to them, reduce their emissions and save costs.


Next generation building connectivity

There are thousands of products on the market designed to connect devices to the internet. However, none of these were specifically designed to securely and cost-effectively connect legacy building systems, such as Building Management Systems (BMS), to the internet.

Our unique edge technology is a step change in how buildings are connected. Gone are the days of needing to invest thousands to achieve secure connectivity. We are able to connect customers’ buildings quickly, easily and securely in minutes – allowing customers to take advantage of services that have been out of reach until now.