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Safer, healthier and more energy efficient

Buildings are getting smarter and hospitals are no different. In fact, hospitals may offer the most ambitious opportunity for safer, healthier and greener buildings.

Data centres

The future for data centres is secure, smart and green

Power and cooling capabilities are maxed out in many data centres, and expenses frequently outstrip the cost of IT equipment. Which means that optimising your BMS is all the more important.


Optimise your buildings for changing buyer patterns

The retail sector was hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic. Now that we’re back on our feet, we need intuitive, cost-effective ways of managing multi-sites to improve the bottom line and attract end-users.

Our sector knowledge is unparalleled. Knowing what building outcomes matter most to you and your end users, and delivering them every day, is what drives us.

Simon Wood, Co-Founder and COO


Making the complex simple when it comes to transport

There is a green transport revolution. Modern passenger terminals and smart, connected transport hubs are leading the way. We are experts in handling complex amenities and keeping people moving.


Grabbing the opportunity for more productive workplaces

Health, comfort and productivity are the fundamentals of a good workplace. We also believe that sustainability, energy efficiency and cyber security are key in the management of commercial buildings.

Public sector

Net Zero: Decarbonising UK government buildings

The UK Government has committed to reaching net zero by 2050. We are already supporting central and local government estates and property teams across the UK who are working tirelessly to transition their buildings onto a net zero path.

What our customers say

We are very happy with the project, not just because we are achieving our desired outcomes, but with the service provided by Aimteq.

Over the 61 sites we’ve seen a 32.92% drop in our consumption, which translates to a considerable saving on our energy spend and correlates well with our sustainability policy. Further to that, the experience dealing with Aimteq was seamless from start to finish.

Matalan has made the commitment to have the WEMS system installed by Aimteq in all our retail outlets. The installed stores have shown a considerable reduction in energy consumption of circa 18% and this is reflected in our energy bill which has decreased dramatically since implementation

There is a distinct downward trend in energy usage across all sites. Indeed, the figures show the lowest energy consumption for five years over comparable periods for those stations that haven’t had major infrastructure upgrades…

The bureau offers fantastic customer service, and importantly, is operates 24/7; longer than any of the bureau services we researched. We get through to a real person straight away and changes are made quickly


A critical moment for schools and centres of learning

Rising energy costs are having a detrimental impact on schools, universities and other education settings. Now is the time to get serious about energy efficiency and making your building technology work harder for you.


Rising to the challenge: A smart building is one that best serves its occupants

Building resilience, efficiency and security across complex military estates with vastly different needs, is second nature to us. The common thread running through our projects is human – these spaces have to achieve outcomes for the people who use them.

The buildings we work on span industries—they include offices, factories, shopping centres, hospitals, academic campuses, stadiums, airports, military bases and infrastructure hubs. We work hard to deliver outcomes for our customers, which might be everything from making energy savings and reducing carbon emissions to improving the health and wellbeing of their occupants.

Richard Oakley


Connectivity is the key to efficiency in many scenarios

Keeping site services running to meet the demands of a manufacturing plant, while ensuring running costs are kept to a minimum, is crucial for our industrial customers. Our platform puts energy control and building management in your hands.


Leisure and entertainment venues leading by example

Cinemas, theatres, restaurants, music and sports arenas are large consumers of energy, but they will also play a big role in our transition to net zero. Many have invested in infrastructure such as EV charging enabled parking spaces and are working with us to reduce their emissions.