Tridium BMS Systems

As a trusted Tridium systems integrator, we have access to enhanced pricing and their open protocol technology.

Open protocol flexibility and enterprise-grade technology

Ideal for mixing different technologies from different vendors across multiple applications.
Tridium’s Niagara 4 Framework has the power to connect and control any system or device so that end users can manage those systems in real time from one location. The framework allows integrators to specify products from any vendor, using whatever tools make sense for the project at hand.

Tridium Systems Integrator

We’re a trusted Tridium Systems Integrator

Tridium have a huge systems integrator channel, spanning several countries, with thousands of integrator and Niagara professionals worldwide. The breadth of their channel partners, combined with the open nature of their products, provides a powerful solution to the ‘closed protocol’ problem of previous years. As a Tridium Niagara System Integrator, we have access to enhanced pricing, training and consultation to help you realise your open protocol BMS ambitions.

New Builds

BMS systems for new build projects

We’ve installed hundreds of Tridium BMS systems across the UK and into mainland Europe. If you’re looking for an open protocol, Niagara-based BMS system for your new building, we can help.

Niagara provides the flexibility of open protocols such as BACnet, and allows you to integrate with proprietary systems from a whole host of manufacturers.

Upgrades & migrations

BMS system upgrades & migrations

We’re experienced in upgrading legacy Niagara AX/3. systems to contemporary Niagara 4 BMS systems.

We’ve completed upgrade projects with Bluechip clients such as Boots, across hundreds of their stores throughout the UK. As one of Tridium’s marquee suppliers, we’re perfectly placed to help you with your BMS upgrade or migration. For more information or help on a specific project, get in touch here, or call us directly on 0161 475 1777.


BMS system maintenance

We provide maintenance for hundreds of Tridium Niagara BMS systems in the UK, providing both Bureau services from the ROC, planned preventative maintenance and maintenance callout services.

If you’re looking for maintenance on your Tridium BMS system, we can help. Get in touch using our quote request, or call us directly on 0161 475 1777.

What our customers say

The bureau offers fantastic customer service, and importantly, is operates 24/7; longer than any of the bureau services we researched. We get through to a real person straight away and changes are made quickly

Aimteq installed the WEMS system and I have seen my energy consumption drop by over 40%. If the system gets overridden, Aimteq work with our sites to resolve the problem and turn the system back to auto control. This maintains our environmental conditions and enhances our savings.

Over the 61 sites we’ve seen a 32.92% drop in our consumption, which translates to a considerable saving on our energy spend and correlates well with our sustainability policy. Further to that, the experience dealing with Aimteq was seamless from start to finish.

Aimteq take responsibility to not only lower the costs of running a retail estate – but they bring a ‘can do’ attitude that is refreshing in the market place. By constantly investing in the R&D of their product suite, they bring innovation and creativity into our estate.

Matalan has made the commitment to have the WEMS system installed by Aimteq in all our retail outlets. The installed stores have shown a considerable reduction in energy consumption of circa 18% and this is reflected in our energy bill which has decreased dramatically since implementation