The learnd Tech Partnership Hub

The learnd Tech Partnership Hub aims to connect technology partners around the globe on a mission to decarbonize the built environment, which accounts for 40% of global CO2 emissions.

We’re building a platform that allows us and our partners to connect, collect, and control buildings through open APIs, SDKs, and a fully-scriptable workflow engine – enabling partners with amazing tech products to deploy this technology at scale to our customers. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

Learnd Partnership Hub

Join Europe’s largest connected buildings platform, with a network of over 6,000 sites

Do you have a prop-tech product that could solve problems for our customers? Think your technology might be beneficial to the built environment space, but don’t know how to break into it? By joining learnd’s Tech Partnership Hub you can instantly connect your product with our network of buildings in our portfolio to amplify the effects of BMS and move the industry faster towards net zero.

We’ll work with you every step of the way

Market Expertise

Work with our knowledgeable product and marketing teams to understand product-market fit and develop GTM strategies for traction on day one

Integrated Support

Utilize our tech team to integrate your product – whether that’s help creating an API key or guidance on solution design, they’re here to help

Built in Sales Network

Leverage our veteran commercial team to recommend your solution to the right customers to ensure you’re solving the problems they’re facing

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