Use less energy. Guaranteed.

We combine the right technology from our partners with our extensive in-field and remote engineering capability to help you reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions. Guaranteed.

BMS Installation

We install BMS systems that are aligned to your business objectives to give you what you need from your buildings.

Bureau Services from the ROC

We tailor our remote services to meet your objectives and our jointly agreed KPIs & targets.

Upgrade Financing

Achieve your objectives faster by combining our guarantees with upgrade financing from our Financial partners.

Use Less Energy, Guaranteed

Using our ‘Secret Sauce’ analytics & innovative finance partners, we’ll guarantee your energy savings.

bms installations

Control your buildings & reduce your energy consumption with a BMS system

A well commissioned BMS system unlocks the potential of your building

Across all sectors and industries, ensuring buildings perform as expected whilst keeping costs under control is critical. We combine technology from the leading BMS product manufacturers – such as Trend, Schneider Electric & Siemens – with our unparalleled in-field and remote engineering capability to ensure our customers’ buildings deliver day after day.

Our track record of delivering both new and upgrade BMS installations means you can be confident you will achieve the benefits available, on-time and on-budget.

Bureau Services

Unlock the power of your BMS with our Remote Operations Centre (ROC)

Our remote teams work to continually optimise your BMS, delivering better buildings with less cost.

Connecting your BMS to our ROC is a simple process, which we can guide you through. Once connected, you can benefit from services including remote diagnostics and continual optimisation.

Without the need for an engineer to physically visit your site, many common issues can be fixed, resulting in better buildings whilst keeping unplanned extra costs to a minimum.

Key facts from the ROC

  • Over 1,600 sites connected 24/7/365
  • 15% average energy savings
  • Over 25 dedicated ROC staff 
  • All major BMS manufacturers supported

Energy Reduction guarantees

If we don’t hit our joint reduction target, we pay you the difference.

We often see organisations presented with exciting business cases for investments that promise huge energy & carbon savings over a short space of time. However, the risk of achieving these savings is firmly with the building owner.

We take pride in doing what we say – we provide an under-written guarantee that you will achieve the savings we propose in the business case. If these aren’t achieved, we will pay you the difference.

Having such certainty in the business case often makes external financing cheaper or easier to secure which can help you realise energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint more quickly.

Step 1

Step 1

We work with you to understand what happens today and define our joint targets

Step 2

Step 2

Our field and remote engineers undertake the work required to ensure we meet our joint targets

Step 3

Step 3

Our ROC continually monitors your building(s) to ensure targets are met, providing regular reporting on progress and savings as well as further opportunities for energy reductions

Upgrade Financing

Ensure your building systems are ready to deliver your outcomes…

We look after the entire process – from design, through financing, to installation & maintenance. Ensuring you realise the benefit that was promised – with a guarantee.

There are many ways to realise energy savings and the associated cost benefits within your building, but the secret is finding ways to do this whilst ensuring spaces still operate in the way you need.

We work to understand your specific requirements and then utilise our vast experience of upgrading buildings to design the perfect solution. We then work in partnership with you to agree the financial model (including the return on investment) and can arrange financing if needed.

Upgrade works are then undertaken with zero disruption to the ongoing operation of your building. If required, we can arrange for an under-written guarantee to be provided to ensure you realise the energy savings you were promised, over the long-term – which often makes financing cheaper and easier to arrange.


What if you could manage your building or estate as a service?... 

Building Performance as a Service

Our Contract

Our contract with you is based on how your building or estate performs against set criteria.

Building Parameter

For example, "This store must be between 19-21°C".

Business Outcome

"The operating theatre must be available".

The 'How'

This bit is left to us – bringing all required components together, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, changes, other services.


Everything is wrapped into one monthly fee over a long-term contract (3-5+ years).

Transfer of Risk

The risk of our services achieving what you want them to is shifted from you to us.

Building Performance as a service

Your building as you need it to be - for a simple, guaranteed monthly cost.

Let us take the headache of making your building operate as you need - leaving you to focus on your core business.

Very few organisations operate buildings because they want them. They operate them because they are necessary to achieve their core business.
We invented Building Performance as a Service after hearing the challenges our customers face bringing all the components together themselves - and hoping the outcome is successful.

Let us take the risk. Building Performance as Service. Guaranteed.


  • You are guaranteed to get the building performance you need
  • Focus on your core business - leave the rest to us
  • Reduce maintenance expenditure through smarter maintenance regimes
  • Reduce energy spend due to continual monitoring via our ROC, 24/7/365
  • Upgrade your building with little to no upfront cost
  • Achieve cost certainty - you know what you will pay, with no surprises

Guarantee Your Energy Reduction Today.

Get in touch, and learn how we can help guarantee your energy savings and more.