Improved up-time.

We guarantee higher availability of your critical building systems, so you
can focus on what your organisation does best

Smarter Systems

We make your building systems smarter by liberating the data they hold into our unique open data platform

Continual Optimisation

Highlighting and fixing problems quickly is the key to ensuring ultra-high up-time for your critical systems.

A Better Building. Guaranteed

Critical building systems are just that – critical. Let us take the risk out of ensuring they are available.


You don’t need stacks of new technology to make systems smarter

Drawing on our vast experience, we can liberate data from your existing systems into our open data platform

It’s not so hard to make brand new buildings smart and ‘connected’. The challenge occurs when buildings are not new and the systems within them are from different manufacturers and are different ages.

With over 90 field and remote-based engineers, skilled in all leading BMS products, we can liberate data into our open data platform, where it can be analysed and monitored in real-time, to find anomalies and potential problems


Smart alerts allow problems to be identified and fixed quickly

We’ll highlight problems and fix them before you knew they existed – dramatically improving availability of your systems

Once we have data from our systems, our open data platform performs continual analysis to look for anomalies – which could represent potential problems.

Our remote-based field engineers act upon these alerts 24/7/365, understanding the issue and working on solutions, long before the problem would even have been identified under traditional maintenance regimes.

Fixing problems earlier results in not only better up-time (as systems are not left to fail), but also longer service life for equipment over the long-term; resulting in an overall reduction in operational expenditure.



Don’t take our word for it…

We are so confident we can increase the availability of your building systems that we will guarantee it.

It’s hard to build a business case for a change if you don’t have confidence that the expected outcome will be achieved.

Our ability to wrap our services with a guarantee of success gives you complete certainty in the business case, allowing you to invest more quickly and with a greater degree of confidence than would usually be possible.

We can offer guarantees that are bespoke to your particular operation – tied specifically to your overall organisational outcomes – ensuring that your buildings really do help you deliver against your vision.


Our ability to wrap our services with a guarantee of success gives you complete certainty in the business case

What if you could manage your building or estate as a service?... 

Building Performance as a Service

Our Contract

Our contract with you is based on how your building or estate performs against set criteria.

Building Parameter

For example, "This store must be between 19-21°C".

Business Outcome

"The operating theatre must be available".

The 'How'

This bit is left to us – bringing all required components together, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, changes, other services.


Everything is wrapped into one monthly fee over a long-term contract (3-5+ years).

Transfer of Risk

The risk of our services achieving what you want them to is shifted from you to us.

Building Performance as a service

Your building as you need it to be - for a simple, guaranteed monthly cost.

Let us take the headache of making your building operate as you need - leaving you to focus on your core business.

Very few organisations operate buildings because they want them. They operate them because they are necessary to achieve their core business.
We invented Building Performance as a Service after hearing the challenges our customers face bringing all the components together themselves - and hoping the outcome is successful.

Let us take the risk. Building Performance as Service. Guaranteed.


  • You are guaranteed to get the building performance you need
  • Focus on your core business - leave the rest to us
  • Reduce maintenance expenditure through smarter maintenance regimes
  • Reduce energy spend due to continual monitoring via our ROC, 24/7/365
  • Upgrade your building with little to no upfront cost
  • Achieve cost certainty - you know what you will pay, with no surprises

Guarantee Your Plant or Space Availability Today.

Get in touch, and learn how we can help guarantee your equipment, or that your spaces are at optimal condition.