Secret Sauce
Secret Sauce


Secret Sauce 150ml

Secret Sauce is a mild Mango Hot Sauce. Add to rice for curries, top-up on chips, cook in with stir-fries, add into poke bowls. It brings the bang and tang to the simplest of dishes.

Tastes great. Unleashes your building’s data…

Secret Sauce is also what we call our Open Data Platform. It helps us pull information from any building technology system and use that data to guarantee building outcomes, like guaranteed temperatures, energy savings or plant availability.

Alex, Stockport

Secret Sauce is good. Not just a bit good…really good. My taste is a little bit hotter than Secret Sauce, so it’s not a 5-star rating, but the Mango flavour is fantastic. Goes well with pretty much everything I’ve paired it with so far.

John, Lancs

I love this sauce, it goes great with everything, from scrambled eggs, right through to six-hour sous vide pork ribs.

Simon, Grimsby

The kids love it, I wish it was a bit spicier…for that reason, only 4-stars. If they ever release a hotter version, I’ll be buying. Not bad for a first-time sauce maker.

Our open data platform is the real Secret Sauce.


Bring everything together to make everything better. Guaranteed.

Our Open Data Platform collects & analyses data from existing building systems, generating insights that our engineering teams then turn into outcomes.

Bringing data from everywhere into one system might sound easy, but it’s historically been huge challenge in buildings.

The experience within our remote and field-engineering teams combined with our core technology partnerships mean we are one of the only organisations who can take data from all building systems – whether legacy or new, proprietary or open.

Our Open Data Platform really is out secret sauce and enables us to find new ways to make your buildings better and drive your organisational vision.

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