You may have heard the term BMS engineer being thrown around in the engineering and construction world, but have you ever wondered: what does it actually mean? In this blog, we will cover its meaning, duties, and the role overall as a profession. 

The term BMS stands for: Building Management System. As an engineer for this sector, you are specialised in delivering the design, installation, and commission aspects of a building management system. BMS engineers work closely with contractors and other engineers to ensure the highest quality of work is delivered. They are responsible for monitoring and managing control systems found in buildings, such as heating, air conditioning and lighting. As a BMS engineer you must install said systems correctly and safely, ensuring the design corresponds with the buildings unique needs, as well as ensuring it will be cost efficient for your customer.  

Saving costs is a huge part of a BMS engineers jobs, especially here at learnd, as we offer a BMS upgrade service, where they can help reduce maintenance bills by leveraging your buildings technology to deliver up to a 20% reduction on your overall BMS costs. learnd also offer a variety of different packages for a range of different buildings, including BMS projects for new builds of all shapes and sizes. This is where the expertise of an engineer can really make a difference, at any stage of the lifetime of a building; they will help you choose the right technology for your building specifically.  

Something that makes learnd so unique is that we also offer digital security to your building management systems. With cyber-attacks increasing at an alarming rate, it is a necessity to protect your data and with learnd’s wealth of IT specialist knowledge, you can do so with this package.

Elevate your maintenance systems with special upgrades that will help reduce maintenance costs, assist levelling up your business’ benefits and so much more! 

This is only the beginning of how much we have to offer here at learnd. For more information regarding BMS, or our services, please get in touch with one of our experts.