At learnd, we’re passionate about creating sustainable solutions for non-residential buildings across a wide range of sectors. We want to help companies become more efficient in their energy consumption and reduce their carbon emissions and footprint. You don’t have to worry about any onboarding, as we work with you and your existing building infrastructure and system, to ensure a seamless business management system (BMS) that suits you and your business.

Working with a range of sectors, we can transform the way your business works. By being more conscious of the energy you’re using, you can automate lights, security systems and fire systems to ensure that everything works when it needs to and is shut off when not in use.

Our clients range from transport companies, hotels, large technology corporations to supermarkets, retail units and data centres. Let’s take a look at few of our case studies to give a better understanding of how we can help you get set up with a BMS that works for you.


We’ve worked with numerous different retail brands to help them become more efficient, including with Matalan; installing the world’s first web enabled wireless BMS (BEMS). Spanning 206 stores of its 216-store network, it has already achieved 20% energy savings. This has also given the management team more control over environmental comfort, lighting and the electro-mechanical equipment.

The financial savings across all the stores was reported in 2019 to be around £17m since it was installed in 2012.


learnd and Go-Ahead worked together to install the BEMS technology into their bus depots, saving on average around 30% on gas consumption. As one of the UK’s largest bus operators, Go-Ahead wanted to make sure that their fleet were always maintained and serviced, to keep passengers moving. The depots are large and difficult to heat, cool and keep lit properly. Using a BEMS, they could decide which depots needed heating 24 hours, while some worked office hours.

With a saving of 30% on energy bills, this could be re-invested into depot maintenance, bus and vehicles and looking into electric vehicles to become even more energy efficient.


The Contact Theatre is a non-profit organisation that puts young people at the heart of everything it does. After a refurbishment that was delayed due to COVID-19, the young people in charge of the project (who also serve on the board, help with staff appointments and decide the artistic programme) also wanted to upgrade the old BMS to bring it more in line with the development of the building. It was a challenge for Learnd, as the building is naturally ventilated, so we had to work out how to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, all whilst maintaining the reduction in CO2 levels. 

Room controllers were installed with LCD displays of the room temperature and the CO2 levels. This meant the spaces could be used for different arts, without causing too many issues. It also meant that backstage could be warmer for actors and dancers and cooler in the audience seating area.

Want to talk about how learnd can help your business become more energy efficient with a BMS? Head to our contact page to get in touch.