Learnd Acquires Ashdown Controls and BGES Group

Learnd continues to deliver on their mission of becoming the most relevant energy management company in Europe by completing two new acquisitions – Ashdown Controls and BGES Group. On Monday, 26 February 2024 and Tuesday, 27...


BMS Apprentice Guest Post – ROC

BMS apprenticeships are a great way to get into the engineering industry, especially for young people. It provides the first step into...

Benefits of a Building Management System (BMS)

Benefits of a Building Management System (BMS)

There are endless benefits of having a Building Management System installed in your building. The need for a BMS is on the rise across...


Mitigating the risks of rising global temperatures

Temperatures of over 40°C in the UK have become ten times more likely as a result of global warming. With the intense and record breaking...


3G Network Shutdown and everything you need to know

In 2021 the UK Government announced an agreement with mobile phone network providers Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three to phase out 3G and 2G...


Women in Engineering

International Women in Engineering Day by Women’s Engineering Society (WES) will celebrate its 9th year in 2022. Figures as of...


Beyond the Binary

At work, I am a jack of all trades. My desk is covered in cables and protypes, and all sorts of things I’m working on. A mathematician...


Bella’s Story

I realised that I was trans when I was 14. My journey wasn’t always the nicest, there have been some dark times along the way, but...


Energy Price Rises: Tips to stay on top of it in the workplace

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t been affected by the recent rise in energy costs, from putting on an extra jumper at home to save on...

Net Zero

Net Zero Explained

Net Zero is front and centre of the sustainability conversation, however with an overwhelming amount of content to work through and decipher...