Learnd continues to deliver on their mission of becoming the most relevant energy management company in Europe by completing two new acquisitions – Ashdown Controls and BGES Group.

On Monday, 26 February 2024 and Tuesday, 27 February 2024 learnd acquired two new companies into the group. The acquisitions of Ashdown Controls and BGES Group solidifies learnd as the largest BEMS company in the UK and Ireland, with 1 in 15 buildings now falling under their umbrella. This also marks learnd’s official entrance into the EU with the acquisition of Ashdown Controls in Ireland.

The addition of these two acquisitions also gives learnd further reach into key industries. Ashdown Controls brings some exciting well-known customers in the technology and data centre industry – further expanding learnd’s data centre expertise and resource. While BGES brings a plethora of building portfolios and expertise into the group.

Both of these acquisitions add significant energy capacity under which learnd’s unique technology solutions can be used to reduce energy consumption, and start undertaking load management and demand response.

This expansion of learnd’s building portfolio and industry expertise will allow learnd to deliver on their mission at scale, by providing an energy management solution that adds value to customers at each stage, saving energy, cost, and carbon for building owners and operators, whilst enabling the large scale transition to a net-zero energy grid.

As a result of these acquisitions, combined with further operational improvements and an expansion of learnd’s offerings via cloud platform, learnd expects a significant increase in sales of over 50%, accompanied by a doubling of the adjusted EBITDA and the operating cash flow.

learnd’s mission is to unite what we call The Power of Many – where every building, person, company, and ally involved in our mission is here to help decarbonise the built environment throughout Europe. The acquisitions of Ashdown Controls and BGES Group are set to continue to accelerate that mission as we work towards net-zero.

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