Find out more from our young BEMS apprentice – Isabel Lamb.

What did you do when you finished school?

I finished my final school year early in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unsure on how my future was going to plan out, I got an amazing opportunity to gain some work experience with learnd group company, Aimteq during the summer, which I really enjoyed it.

What did you study at college and why?

As I wasn’t sure in what area of engineering I wanted to go into, I decided to study at Brockenhurst College where I completed Engineering Level 2 Technical Diploma. The course offered a wide selection of engineering fields, which was perfect for me.

What drew you to want to become a BMS engineer?

Following my work experience last year, I became fascinated with the different types of controllers. When college broke up for the summer I asked if I could work with Aimteq to gain more experience.

What does a typical day as an apprentice BMS engineer involve for you?

I have the opportunity to meet and talk to different customers, gain knowledge in different types of plant. Plus learning from working with other engineers.

What is the education side of things like? Do you have days off to go to college, remote seminars, assessments?

At the moment I am currently studying health and safety as it is important to everyday work life. With college I am going to study various BMS modules over the next three years. Currently classes and exams are being done remotely with Aimteq supporting me by letting me studying at home. I also found out that my lecturer taught my Dad 20 years ago, when they both worked for Schneider Electric – small world.

I also found out that my lecturer taught my Dad 20 years ago, when they both worked for Schneider Electric – small world.

Isabel Lamb, BEMS Apprentice

How do you find it being a woman in an engineering role?

I don’t see it as a male-dominated industry, I see it as a challenge with a great career with the excitement of problem solving.

Do you think the industry could do more to encourage women getting into BMS engineering roles?

If it wasn’t for my dad working in the industry, I would have never known about the BMS engineering field. I believe that more should be said about the BMS industry, what kind of role an engineer does in their everyday life and how it effects the environment.

Where would you like to be in five years time?

In five years’ time I would like to see myself completing my apprenticeship with the aim of being either a Project Manager or Project Engineer.