You might be wondering – why does a building management startup also have its own secret sauce? The answer to that question comes in two parts: 

1. It tastes amazing

We have a unique Mango Hot Sauce recipe that tastes amazing on everything, from scrambled eggs to BBQ chicken. We give it out free to our customers as a little thank you for doing business with learnd. 

2. It gets people talking about the real Secret Sauce

There are two Secret Sauces at learnd. One is the Mango Hot Sauce we’ve already talked about. The other is our unique Open Data Platform

We call our Open Data Platform the real secret sauce because it is what sets us apart from every other business in this space. We are the only company that can take data from any building system (old or new) and analyse it to make improvements.

Collecting data from a building might sound simple but it has historically been a huge challenge. Older buildings don’t have the correct infrastructure and building data can be unreliable. Our Open Data Platform is the answer to this problem. The experience within our remote and field-engineering teams combined with our core technology partnerships mean we are one of the only organisations that can take data from all building systems.

Now you know why we call our Open Data Platform our ‘Secret Sauce’. It is at the heart of our mission to gain data-based insights from your building and turn them into Guaranteed Building Outcomes.