BMS or Building Management Systems are becoming even more important than ever before. After the pandemic, when organisations began working from home and non-residential buildings were left largely empty, it became clear that many of these buildings were being mismanaged in terms of their BMS. Now that many companies are going back into their office, there are still thousands of non-residential buildings across Europe that are being mismanaged by their BMS and costing companies thousands of pounds in management fees.

At learnd, we want to change that. Through a smart, interconnected ecosystem that will help those buildings become and then stay energy efficient, to help create a more sustainable future.

Throughout our extensive research, we discovered that around 99 percent of large non-residential buildings are not connected to the internet securely, leaving them vulnerable and open to cyber-attacks. Our mission is to ensure that through our systems, buildings are becoming more efficient in the way they are run, and by doing this, we can tackle climate change.

What exactly is a BMS?

We have developed our very own BMS++ methodology where we digitalise and modernise systems so you can fully understand the performance and energy consumption that your building has. Through the software and hardware we use, you can see exactly what energy is being used anytime, anywhere and control what is being used and when.

You can even use your existing system, as ours will seamlessly integrate with anything you already have, meaning there are smoother transitions and even better, you get results without waiting for a lengthy onboarding process. Energy consumption can be reduced up to 20 percent from the very next month, allowing you to keep costs down but productivity up.

With a fully integrated building management system and the resources we have to offer, you will be on a journey to decarbonise the real estate you have, as well as get involved in how the decisions we make will impact the local community as well as the environment, both locally and globally.

From energy to security resources to making sure your building is regulated and controlled effectively, we have it all and with a great team of engineers and customer relationship managers, we cannot wait to get you started on your BMS journey to helping combat climate control, get your building more energy efficient and running effectively. We cover a wide range of sectors including healthcare, public sector and retail as well as many more.

To discover more about how we can help you achieve sustainability in your non-residential real estate head over to our website, call on 0845 241 1960 or look at our latest Learnd BMS report on what we do, why we do it and how we achieve our goals.