A well optimised building management system (BMS) delivers great benefits – it saves  money, is energy efficient and reduces  carbon footprint, – no surprise it is now front of mind for many businesses. Having a BMS that works for you, your staff and maybe even your customers, ensures maximum business output and productivity. learnd offers new and innovative services for BMS that do just that. In this article, we’ll discuss how a BMS can transform your business operations and how learnd can help you upgrade your existing system or help you upgrade to an entirely new one!

What are the Main Functions of a BMS?

A BMS can help in many different areas, depending on what you need it to do and what functionality the building already has installed in terms of heating, ventilation, or other building systems

When it comes to getting a system upgraded or adding in a brand-new system, learnd can work with you to find out exactly what you need and suggest the best way the system can function, ensuring everything works together to create a seamless result. There are lots of functions within a BMS and these are all vital to its functionality and operations. A BMS’ main operational function is to control the heating and ventilation systems, to guarantee that the room temperature is controlled and air conditioning units, fan control and heating controls are set to provide the right environment for staff and customers, whilst ensuring the lowest energy usage and environmental impact possible

In addition to these core capabilities, there are many other areas where a BMS can integrate with other systems:


Saving energy and enabling our clients to become more sustainable and energy efficient, is a big part of learnd’s goals. By working out an effective lighting schedule with you and integrating this schedule with the BMS based on your company’s working patterns, we can help your business save money and reduce your energy consumption, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint and leads your business down a more energy efficient and sustainable path.

Electric Power Control

It’s fundamental that every element of a building management system is working as it should, therefore having certain mechanical and core electrical equipment working at times that you need them to, is essential. Using a BMS to set a customised schedule means that everything runs smoothly. This will undoubtedly benefit your staff, who will be able to get on with their day and likely your customers or visitors to, who will have a positive experience when enter.

Fire Alarm Systems

The Building Management System (BMS) can integrate with your fire alarm system, to further ensure the safety of building occupants in case of an emergency. In the event of such an emergency, the fire system can trigger a routine in the BMS to close vents or dampers, for example, which can stop the spread of smoke throughout a building.

At learnd, we are dedicated to working with our clients to upgrade or install systems that work for them and are customised as they wish. Speak to us to discuss how we can get your existing building management system optimised and delivering the outcomes you need.