learnd delivers on-site and remote maintenance services at the 200-acre MediaCity campus in Manchester.

The UK’s leading media and digital hub

MediaCity is the broadcasting epicentre of UK TV production and is home to BBC, ITV, Dock 10, Kelloggs, Salford University and more. It is a diverse campus, with many different functions, from commercial spaces, such as offices, bars and cafes, to TV studios, data centres and editing suites.

Our role, as their BMS maintenance contractor, is to provide high levels of plant up-time, space availability and ideal comfort levels, whilst optimising their maintenance and energy budget.

Managing an ever-changing site

MediaCity is always under construction. Started in 2009, it has a lifecycle that takes its completion into the late 2020s, which has presented an ongoing challenge as a BMS contractor. MediaCity’s phased construction means that it covers multiple BMS product lifecycles. Managing this change and matching it to MediaCity’s vision has been a challenge, but with Siemens Desigo CC and technology like Total Room Automation, we’re able to keep MediaCity at the forefront of technology. 

Helping to achieve MediaCity’s vision

Peel Media’s vision for MediaCity is three-fold: to become a smart city, to attract the best organisations and talent from around the world, and to deliver high levels of comfort and plant availability. We help them achieve their goals, by not only supporting them with market-leading technology from Siemens, but in the way that we interface with Peel Media and their FM contractor, CBRE.

We have established a close working relationship, providing access for them at every level of our organisation, whether that’s the remote engineers in the ROC, the field staff that we have on-site, or our Chief Operating Officer.

We participate in regular workshops to deal with energy issues and provide guidance on new initiatives to improve the site, their energy consumption, space availability and comfort levels.

Our role during the Covid pandemic

During COVID-19, the close working relationship that we fostered between learnd, Peel Media and CBRE has been vital to protect the campus, staff, visitors and energy consumption. During 2020-21, we altered strategies remotely to protect energy savings, change the air more frequently to protect staff and visitors and ensured that critical spaces such as broadcast studios and editing suites were still available to staff, even when 90% of the campus was in lockdown.